DUE CIGNI CUTLERY 120° Anniversary 1896-2016

Due Cigni: History

A century-long tradition


A century-long tradition

We've been working in the Italian territory for over 100 years. Our point is to continuosly research on quality of products, safety of materials and compiance to all the European regulations. We've always been offering a money back guarantee to our Customers.
The Customer, if not satisfied with our product, can return us the good after being authorized by us.

Reliability! Quality and service! 

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These guidelines are the foundation of our releation with Customers. Because of these criteria, our Due Cigni ® are on sale on the most important and accredited shops.
Designed by top technicians, made using high quality steel, manufactured by expert workers on all the high-tech production line, the Due Cigni® products make every shop owner produd of them and fully satify the end user. Due Cigni® brand means superior quality.

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Due Cigni ® Picture of the old factory

Award-winning scissors and cutlery factory

Specialized in cutlery products for the agriculture

Precision molding in carbon and stainless steel